Bob's one man show actually started off as a book!! It was to be a backstage anecdotal look at the "ins and outs" of Universal Studios Tour, where Bob had been a guide for 5 years. The book project then evolved into a an idea for a sitcom.

About this time, Bob was asked to teach an animation voice-over workshop at Judy Carter's Comedy Conference in Palm Springs, where Bob was able to network with all kinds of show biz movers and shakers. One of the topics of the weekend was how to launch a one man show. Bob loved the idea of adapting the Tour Guide sitcom idea into a one man show, allowing him to showcase the stories and characters he'd been developing for the sitcom.

Upon returning from the conference, Bob began to put his guide stories down into script form. The project was falling together great!! But something was missing. Bob got the idea of adding stories of how he got into voice-over, and in particular how he'd wanted to be Porky Pig since he was 5 and eventually fulfilled his dream. He also included anecdotal ups and downs of his eh-vuh-veh-eh-voice-over career.

With a finished script, Bob did a one time "trial" performance of his show to an invited audience of about 35 people in Burbank. The show was video taped and shown to Ken Kragen, who managed a variety of artists including Kenny Rogers. Kragen loved the show, and mentioned that Rogers was in need of an opening act for the last few cities of his summer tour. Kragen asked if Bob's 75 minute one man show could be cut to a 20 minute routine. OH-and it all needed to be ready to leave for the tour in a few days!! Bob's response?? Uh...sure??!!

The Kenny Rogers tour went great!! Not long after returning, Bob performed his show at The Ice House in Pasadena, and The Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks, where it was seen by producer Ed Gaynes. Gaynes offered to produce the show commercially. Bob Bergen, Not Just Another Pretty Voice enjoyed a 3 month run at the Whitmore-Lindley Theater in the NOHO district of LA. The current version, Bob Bergen: So, Here's The Deal! is currently taking bookings around the country and will make it's NYC debut in April, 2009. OH-and as for the original sitcom idea?? Eh-stuh-steh-eh stay tuned, folks!!