LA Voice-over Class

Due to Covid, I am only offering private virtual (Zoom) coaching at this time.

Private Virtual (Zoom) Coaching

I currently have a waitlist. However, if you have an upcoming cartoon or game audition and need some immediate coaching I will bump you up the list if it fits into my schedule. Otherwise I take students in the order they get on my waitlist.

What I offer:

Creatively I only coach character work. I have a wide range of animation characters/copy to choose from, as I guide you on technique to create, sustain, and remember original characters.

If you've had animation auditions with no callbacks or bookings, I'm happy to review your read/choices and discuss adjustments and suggestions that could have improved your chances.

Many will book an hour to discuss career strategies, marketing, the business of the business, demo critique, etc. Or we can explore failed attempts at securing representation, from demos to submission letters resulting in a lack of voiceover agent's interest. Often beginners just want to know what vo is all about. That is all fine as well.

Bottom line, the hour is yours.

My rate is $300 an hour.

If interested, email at