Here are just a handful of the celebs Bob had the opportunity to interview over the years at The Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Hey Mom! It's me and Haley Berry!

Steve Allen and Jane Meadows

The fans are having a good time.

There just ain't enough room for Zsa Zsa and me

Mickey Rooney, never at a loss for words

The beautiful, Jane Seymore

Joan Van Ark looks to be having a little too much fun with the mic

Aloha, Ray Walston!!

My buddy Tony O'dell and Khrystyne Haje from Head of the Class

Schmoozing with the audience

The lovely Lee Meriwhether

Heeeeeeeer's Ed McMahon!!

Giving the band a little solo

Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger

Ann Jillian

A Pig meets a Monkey, Mickey Dolenz

Mayor Tom Bradly

More schmoozing with the audience

Doogie Howser, Niel Patrick Harris

Me and Mr. T!! "I pitty the Pig!!"